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To book your next cycling adventure you can :

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Specify here the bike type if you want to hire a bike

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Accomodation - Room Options Mallorca

Please state which guests are staying in which rooms (name of the room: name of the guests)

Travel Arrangements

Inbound Flight Details
Homebound Flight Details

Airport Transfers for Mallorca

Please chose your options: shuttle bus or private transfers by taxi

  • Shuttle bus: The waiting time at your arrival in the airport can be up to one hour or slightly more before the bus departs. On the drive to Puerto Alcùdia, the bus will stop at different hotels before arriving at Hotel Zafiro Tropic. The number of stops depends on the bookings the bus has received. On the homebound leg, the pick-up time at the hotel is indicated to us by the transport provider. For early morning flights we recommend to opt for private transfer.
  • Private airport transfer: a driver will be waiting for you when stepping off the plane and take you straight to your hotel: no waiting time, no hassle, no stops on the route…, go direct to your holiday destination. On the homebound leg we book the pick-up at the hotel 3 hours before your flight take off time.


Please provide contact information for payment. Ideally, this will be the name of the person paying for the cycling tour.
Payee is not different from Guest 1
Payee is different from Guest 1

Required deposit

We require a deposit per guest and the bike hire fee (170 € by bike), if applicable

We cannot confirm bike hire without full payment of the rental fee. No refund will be given if you cancel the bike after booking.

We'll contact you by e-mail to confirm availability of the holiday you book. If you have paid a deposit and the holiday is not available, we'll give you full refund.

Accepted payment methods : Bank Transfer, Credit Card exclusively via PayPal (Paypal fees apply).

A link for deposit payment by Paypal PayPalCheckout will be available.

Payment additionnal information

Bank Transfer

In Euro or Sterling, Bank details will be e-mailed to you.

Credit Card

Credit Card payments are possible via PayPal. In the next step you will be able to pay your deposit by PayPal on-line. The Paypal fee of 4.00% will be added to the amount you pay.


Contractual prices in Euros. Sterling prices, if indicated, are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

Legal Information


  • You are reminded to ensure that you have current and valid travel insurance and private health insurance for all bookings.
  • We take numerous pictures during all holidays. They may be used for promotional purposes of our tours. Should you have any issues with this, please let us know.
  • The Group Leader, with its signature, acknowledges and agrees with SportActive booking conditions and requirements as indicated on SportActive's website and on printable booking forms.

For any question, email to flora@sportactive.net

Travel Insurance:

Please make sure you have Travel Insurance ; buy it when you book your holiday to be covered also in case you have to cancel before you travel

You can book it with the following companies:


By submitting this form, your booking request will be automatically forwarded to us and details for deposit payment by bank transfer will be e-mailed to you.

You will also have the option and be directed to PayPal: use it if you want to be sure to confirm your booking by paying the deposit immediately (
Once you see the PayPal button or are paying the deposit by PayPal, your form will have been sent, in any case).

But you don’t have to use the PayPal option to pay the deposit; in this case, just ignore or cancel the PayPal form.
Details for deposit payment by bank transfer will be e-mailed to you.
IMPORTANT: bookings received with paid deposits are confirmed. Bookings received without deposit are not confirmed but considered as an availability request only.
Due to demand, we’ll operate on a first serve basis.

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