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What are the benefits of a cycling break?

Beginners in Mallorca - What are the benefits of a cycling break? - SportActive

Improve your health and fitness

Whether or not you are looking to get involved in serious training and amateur racing further down the line, a cycling break is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness.

Because cycling is a low impact exercise, it will never put undue stress on joints (as long as you choose a frame suited to your build), meaning you can exercise for hours at a time with remarkable ease. Unlike pushing yourself to the limit at the gym, therefore, cycling breaks are extremely enjoyable - indeed, there are few other methods of exercise that people would want to devote their holidays to!

In short, whether you're a teenager or a pensioner, cycling breaks represent an effective and enjoyable way to boost your fitness whilst enjoying the culture of another country.

Meet new people

Another benefit of cycling being a low impact exercise is that it's easy to talk to other cyclists whilst riding, making it an extremely sociable sport. Further, whether you already have friends who are keen to cycle with you or are simply looking to join a local cycling club, you'll soon find that people within the cycling community are always happy to help one another out, offering tips, advice and support.

It's fun!

Despite the numerous other benefits of cycling breaks, by far the best reason to choose this type of holiday is because it's incredibly enjoyable! Not only is it a great way to enjoy the fresh air, you'll also enjoy fantastic scenery. There's no better way to experience mountain views or coastal panoramas than whilst riding, and with innumerable routes and vistas to explore all over the world, you'll never be short of a new experience to look forward to. Further, if you are serious about improving your ability level and cycle often, you'll also grow to relish the challenge of tackling bigger and longer climbs.

by Martin Birney 11/11/2013

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