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Unwritten Rules of Group Riding

Unwritten Rules of Group Riding : Does and Don'ts

Sean Kelly leading the group in Mallorca - Unwritten Rules of Group Riding - SportActiveSean Kelly leading the group in Mallorca

When riding in a group it is essential to respect certain rules, both for safety reasons and benefitting of the work-out. See below :

  • Be aware that everything you do has a knock-on effect on everyone behind and beside you.Group cycling image - Unwritten Rules of Group Riding - SportActive

  • You are responsible for the safety of everyone around you as you are for your own well-being.

  • Don't half-wheel. When you hit the front, keep the pace consistent and match to your riding partner.

  • When you hit a hill, maintain your effort level not your speed.

  • When you come through for your turn and move over to the recovering line, do so smoothly and close to the rider you are taking over from. Don't leave them with a massive gap to close.

  • Don't leave gaps. Full Stop.

  • If you are struggling to close a gap, wave the rider behind you through.

  • Do your fair share of work at the front. Forget any nonsense about "saving yourself" on a club/training run. If you are hanging and can't take a turn, stay back rather than disrupt the rhythm of those who are working.

  • Always carry the tubes, pumps, food and tools you need to look after yourself and your bike.

  • Don't nail yourself trying to do super-hard turns if the pace is above what you are capable of or you know you are tiring. If you start to get dropped, the group will slow down to look after you.

  • Don't ever sit at the back of a group ride and do nothing all day and then break cover. If you are that strong, get yourself to the front. You are there to work and get fitter.

  • If someone is repeatedly making mistakes, tell them discreetly towards the end of the ride. Don't shout at them at the heat of the moment. If it's you being given constructive criticism then try to learn from it.

  • The use of Ipod/Music Players is a danger to yourself and others whilst cycling in a group.


Climb Out

If you feel the need to ride out of the saddle when you get to a hill. Be aware of how you do this. If you simply stand up, there will be a momentary loss of forward momentum and whoever is riding close behind you will be in danger of hitting your rear wheel. To get out of the saddle, pull yourself forward on the handlebars as you press down on the pedals so it is one fluid movement. You will need to put in a couple of revs of extra effort to keep your speed up. Sometimes this may require you to change to a harder gear before you get out of the saddle.
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Sean Kelly in green jersey - Unwritten Rules of Group Riding - SportActive

Sean Kelly riding with a group - Unwritten Rules of Group Riding - SportActive

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