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Training Tips for Every Kind of Cycling

Whether you crave the feeling of getting to the summit of the highest cols, riding faster on the flat, cyclosportives, or simply enjoy cycling for the beauty of it, we have a training tip for you. In most cases, we have more than one.

With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into the cycling tips that will help you improve and get more enjoyment from road cycling.

SportActive Cycling holidays and training camps - Two SportActive cyclists riding in Mallorca, returning from Cap FormentorThrough implementing these cycling tips you will become a better rider.

General Road Cycling Techniques

Road cycling is about perfecting your technique, improving your fitness, strength and power. Even if you are a leisure cyclist riding to and from work, brushing up on your techniques is not a bad idea and you’ll feel better once you’ve reached your destination.

Start here:

Road Cycling Tips to go Faster and Further

To go faster on a bike you have to have good strength and power. This is the backbone for reducing times and achieving personal bests. If you want to take this to the nth degree, you may want to make your bike and you a little lighter.

So with this in mind, you may want to consider:

Training to Ride Faster

So once you have the techniques down consider implementing the following training drills and advice to improve your speed and distance further.

Road Cycling Tips for Better Climbing

SportActive Cycling holidays and training camps- A cyclist riding through the French Alps There is an art to being a good climber!

We cyclists want to be able to climb well. It is fair to say that you love it when you get to the summit of Mont Ventoux and this is why riding Geneva to Nice or Granfondo Marmotte Alps sportive is so appealing! Climbing suits the smaller man or woman as there is less weight to propel up the side of a big col. Don’t worry if you’re on the bigger side as you’ll enjoy passing the smaller guy on the flat! 

Many of the tips for riding faster and further apply to climbing.

If you want to improve your climbing try:

  • Tips to climb stronger – Start here for better climbing.
  • Climbing Alpe d’Huez – You may or may not want to ride the famous col but this post is worth reading to understand the importance of discipline when climbing a great mountain.
  • Sa Calobra – Again knowing the disciplines involved will help you climb.

If you’re thinking about taking on a substantial sportive, read:

Well Being and Core

The simple fact is that there is no strong cycling without a strong core. Pro cyclists do not lean on the handlebars but support their weight through their core. This technique helps them ride faster and further and avoid injury.


SportActive cycling holidays and training camps - A SportActive rider on the road to Cap Formentor MallorcaCycling is one of the healthiest things you can do

Winter Training and Strength and Core Tips

When the nights get longer and days shorter, it is tempting to stay off the bike. The good news is that training in the winter is not impossible.

No matter your cycling style, you’ll find a training tip to keep you on the road and improve your health and wellbeing at the very least.

Keep cycling.

Submitted: 5/4/22

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