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Thinking about a Cycling Training Camp ?

Departure from the Hotel - Thinking about a Cycling Training Camp ? - SportActive

The first preconception you will most likely need to dispel is the notion that "training camps are only for the serious elite competitive cyclist".

The fact is that most people who cycle, whether for leisure, sporting leisure or at any level in the range that encompasses competitive, do so to improve their fitness and ability. No matter how loose you wish to use the term, we train!
SportActive fully understand this and embraces it : cycling means different things to everyone.

The one common factor is that the vast majority of those that practice the fantastic sport of cycling want to improve and want to cycle properly. SportActive's cycling centre in Port d'Alcudia, Mallorca, is organized and coordinated exactly to complement and enhance those that want to become efficient and effective cyclists.
You will learn or improve the skills that will enable you to confidently be accepted into any cycling event or group that practice the protocols and etiquette of professional quality cycling.

Like many sports, golf, tennis, soccer, rugby etc, most people that 'play' them do so utilising the protocols, processes and procedures that the elite of the sport do ; we're just not all gifted with the same talent or opportunity to gain the same performance. Imagine joining a soccer team and turning up for a game with everyone deciding to play that game to their rules, procedure and to their own agenda, sure, something resembling a football match would happen but it would lack any excitement, not be as much fun to be involved in and certainly would not be very effective or efficient!!

So you can ride a bike?
Cycling is uniquely peculiar for a sport, it is a biomechanical machine, and we must overcome various frictions to get the best from our fitness. How can a fast group ride so quick? How can they do the distance and speeds with relative ease? How can they do it day after day? What is it that makes this difference?
It is how it is done, protocols and in the efficiency and effectiveness in how they ride. Just because most of us learned how to ride a bike at a young age does not mean that we know how to ride it properly! Much the same that most of us can hit a tennis ball with a racket, but can we do it properly, efficiently and effectively?
Cycling within a dedicated group or club is unfortunately no guarantee either, you may only learn and develop incorrect practices which perpetuate to the development of poor standards.

Best practice.
Indeed the concept of modelling indicates that to learn how to do something properly you should look to those that have excelled to a high standard, find out what makes the best so good and learn it, adopt it, practice it and develop from it. There should be structure, organization and coordination to the discipline. Focusing and nurturing your potential and ability in a constructive and progressive programme is our objective.

To 'do' cycling, there may not be the rules of the game that other sports must obey but for the safety of those around us and those we share our environment with, the efficiency and safe conduct of our ride group and the development of everyone to achieve objectives, there is most definitely an etiquette or best practice to our sport that shows we are proficient in what we do and we know how to do our sport properly. Knowing that etiquette allows the people we cycle with to feel confident in our competence.

The SportActive Experience
This is the ethos of SportActive.  we have the experience, the knowledge, skill and tutelage of one of the worlds most successful cyclists, Sean Kelly ; we have a team of very successful experienced international standard cyclists to develop and enhance your cycling utilising the protocols and etiquette of the worlds best cyclists.

SportActive will give everyone the experience of riding a bike 'just like the elite professionals' : an organised, coordinated disciplined group : everyone is an equal and gets the chance to 'play'. You are not here as a spectator or to 'hang on', you are part of it, a contributor, to practice, learn and develop. Group riding is where the greatest benefits will be had, the collective of a group will always out perform the individual, that's how the best prepare, 'chain gangs' and training camps to sportives and competition, group orientation always delivers the greatest improvements.

The SportActive Difference
This is what makes SportActive different from other cycling holiday operators and the multitude of clubs and groups that organize 'training camps'. Our objective is to give everyone a positive experience of cycling and to develop fitness and skill for more efficient and effective cycling. Our professional approach in coordinating knowledge and development is an essential aspect to allowing you to realize your full potential and succeed in achieving your personal objective.
We have the advice of one of the worlds most successful cyclists and the guidance and leadership of qualified coaches who have international experience, performance and results. We advise and coach based on our experiences ; our knowledge is gained by having been there and done it. Importantly, all are part of the SportActive team so as to improve and develop all those who join us and desire to develop themselves ; we are thereto cycle with you, not against you! With SportActive you are more than part of a group, you are involved with the functioning of that group. You contribute to make it happen.

Be part of the SportActive Experience
SportActive cycling holidays are organised and coordinated to ensure your cycling holiday or training camp will be memorable, you will feel the buzz and excitement of achievement and being part of a 'cycling team' that unites to share great cycling experiences.
SportActive do it different to any other cycling holiday organisation, do not compare us to any other company ; we love cycling, we want you to love cycling, we care. We care that you get that Positive Experience, we care that you develop and learn new skills, we care that you enjoy yourself. For many people it can be a confidence issue to join a cycling holiday ; we know this and because we know this we are aware of your concerns. You have nothing to worry about, we are different, we are there for each and every one of you ; you will never be abandoned or left behind. We shall put you at ease and inspire you, your confidence will soar.

SportActive brings people together to form and bond as a Team, Your Team. Join the SportActive Team, join Your Team.


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