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Training Tips

All about Cycling : tips and info

  • Training tips
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Health & nutrition topics
  • Safety aspects 

Find all this and more in this section, grouped in categories.

Our Latest Posts

Riding the 'Shoelaces' of Montvernier - The Quiet Legend - Take on 18 tightly packed hairpin bends that come at you thick and fast!

Cycling Technique

Advice on how to improve your technique for better cycling performance

  1. Master your gears for better cycling performance - Advice on how to improve your gear use to make you a more competitive rider.
  2. Cycling Advice from Cycling Greats - Champions of cycling give us valuable and insightful advice. 
  3. Sean Kelly's Tips for Better Peloton Riding - Learn from the Legend and improve your peloton riding.
  4. Tips for Better Peloton Riding - Effective peloton riding is so important to optimisng energy and output.  This blog give you clear direction on how to do it.
  5. Ride Safer While Cycle Training - Safety first always! 
  6. Tips for those Long Descents - Ascending is often discused but descending is hardly talked about. Until now.
  7. Five Tips to Increase your Cycling Speed - We all want to ride faster, and this blog gives you five ideas on how to do it.
  8. Five Ways to  Prepare for the New Cycling Season - Preparation is the key to success in cycling, and here are five ways to help you achieve that success.
  9. Improve your Core Strength for Better Cycling Performance - Core strength is vital for successful cycling.  Just ask Sir Bradly Wiggins!  Improve your core strength now.
  10. The Warning Signs you are Cycling in a Bad Position - Saddle sore? Back pain? You're probably riding in the wrong position.  Read our blog and ride in comfort.
  11. Yoga for Cyclists - Reaching new Levels of Strength and Awareness - Discover the benefits yoga brings to your cycling.
  12. Why Cycle Training should include Etiquette - Martin Birney gives us his expert advice on why etiquette is so important to good cycling.
  13. The Importance of Staying Hydrated - Martin's expert advice on keeping hydrated maintaining a nutricianal balance, and how to take fluids while riding. 
  14. Thinking about a Cycling Training Camp? - Discover why our cycling training camps are perfect to improve your cycling.
  15. Road Cycling for Beginners: How to use your Gears Correctly - Martin casts his expert eye on gear usage and how to improve it.
  16. Unwritten Rules of Group Riding - Discover the benefit and safety aspects of riding in a group 
  17. Essential Pre-Ride Checks - Ensure your bike is ready for the long rides before you ride!
  18. A Word of Caution when Riding Fast - Learn from John's experiences of descending and what can happen should it go wrong! 


Advice to help you compete in the big event

  1. Tips to ride the Mallorca 312 and other Sportives - Inspirational sportive advice to help you achieve better times in the big events.
  2. How to Conquer Legendary Cycling Cols - How to ride the monsters of the sport! 
  3. Discover Sean Kelly's Essential Advice for Sportive Training - Advice from our own legend, Sean Kelly on riding a sportive.
  4. Essential Preparation for Every Sportive you ride - Preparation makes you far more effective in a sportive. Ensure your preparation is onpoint. 
  5. How to Ride the Right Pace in a Sportive - Pacing will keep you in the event from the start to the finish line. 
  6. How we Look After you in a Sportive - Where possible we look after you Tour de France style! 

Health and Nutrition

From staying healthy to refuelling on big rides

Winter Cycling Tips

Keep your bike running in the cold months

 Safety, Maintenance Checks, Equipment, and Practical Advice

Practical advice for ervery day cycling

  1. Dealing with Punctures - Punctures happen sadly, Martin explains how to fix them!
  2. Essential Pre-Ride Checks - Ensure your bike is ready for the long rides before you ride!
  3. Cycling Gadgets you may want to buy - Some gadgets that can help you cycle, from lights to navigation.
  4. Cycling Safety Essentials - Always ensure you ride with these essentials 
  5. How to Reduce the Risk of Punctures - Punctures are rubbish! Let's reduce the chance of getting one! 
  6. Tips for Buying a new Road Bike - Thinking of upgrading to a new model, this blog can help.
  7. What to Check on my Bike Before I Cycle - Watch Martin explain the essential pre-ride checks.
  8. Make sure your Chain and Gear Train are in Good Shape - Two essential elements of a bike that need to be looked after.
  9. Keep your Brakes in Order - Do exactly that. Always! 
  10. Top Tips for Packing your Bike on a Plane - Keep your pride and joy safe when flying!

Cycling Safety - Safety first always

  1. 6 Rules of Cycling on the Road you Should Always Obey - Keep safe when cycling. You can't ride very far in hospital! 
  2. Ride Safer While Cycle Training - Be aware of your surroundings and plan your routes.
  3. 6 Aspects to Keep you Safe When Cycling - Make sure you're noticed when riding on the road
  4. Braking Correctly is key to Cycling Safety - Keep brakes working well and learn how to use them.
  5. Keep your Brakes in Order - Do exactly that. Always! 
  6. For your Safety Check your Wheels and Tyres - Tyres and wheels are always under pressure when you ride, so make sure yours are in good working order.
  7. A Word of Caution when Riding Fast - Learn from John's experiences of descending and what can happen should it go wrong! 
  8. What to Check on my Bike Before I Cycle - Watch Martin explain the essential pre-ride checks.
  9. Make sure your Chain and Gear Train are in Good Shape - Two essential elements of a bike that need to be looked after.

Must Rides - Discover some of the best cycling routes in the world!


Mallorca 312 - All of our M312 posts are shown below


Marmotte - All of our Marmotte posts are shown below

  1. Riding Marmotte 2017: We take care of the logistics, you ride the cols! - Everything you need to know about riding Europe's toughest sportive in 2017
  2. The Cols of Grafondo La Marmotte - Discover the legendary Tour de France mountains in the legendary event!


Geneva to Nice - Riding "The Routes des Grandes Alpes" is an amazing cycling adventure. Discover why


Mont Ventoux - Discover the mountain the pros fear...Could you be a Ventoux Madman


The best way to improve your cycling is to join us in Mallorca.  You'll ride further and faster, and come in April or October and you can ride with the legend Sean Kelly.  Click here for more details.

Alternatively, you may want to test your limits on some of our cycling challenges and tours.  You can learn all about them by clicking here!

Keep checking this page as we update it regularly.  Keep cycling!

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