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For your safety: check your wheels and tyres

For your safety on the bike, it is essential to make sure your wheels and tyres are correct.



Depending on your bike, you may have quick-release levers on the seat tube or front and back wheel hub. You should always make sure to check quick-releases ensuring these are locked and secured tightly. If you do not have quick release wheels then you should ensure the wheel nuts are tight and secure.

 Quick release skewer - For your safety: check your wheels and tyres - SportActive

Check tyres: your tyres should be properly inflated to the recommended pressure, which is usually written on the side of each tyre. Use a tyre gauge to measure the air pressure. If necessary, inflate the tyres with an air pump. Also, check the surface of the tyres for worn-down tread or cuts.

 Bicycle tyre - For your safety: check your wheels and tyres - SportActive

Check wheels: spin each wheel to see that it is properly centered in the frame and completely flat (called true). If the wheels look wobbly when they spin, they may need to be trued (or the hub bearings may need adjustment). Also, try to move the wheels side to side with your hand to make sure that they are secure and don't touch the brake pads. In addition, make sure the spokes are tight by moderately plucking them.


Bar End Plugs

Bar end plugs - For your safety: check your wheels and tyres - SportActive

These are something which many cyclists will overlook or chance a ride without ; it is very important that you always use quality bar end plugs.


These are something which are designed with safety in mind: they are the plugs which will push into the end of the handle bars, therefore, removing the dangerous edge which can cause a lot of damage to a rider if involved in an accident.



We wish you safe and enjoyable cycling.


by Martin Birney 10.11.2013



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