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9 Achievable New Year’s Cycling Resolutions

Now you’ve had your turkey and celebrated the new year, now is the time to get organised and back on the bike. We have all made resolutions but sticking to them can sometimes be difficult. In cycling, the secret is to set achievable goals. As you succeed, you’ll build confidence and become a better cyclist. So, which resolutions should you choose?

Here are some ideas.

SportActive Cycling Holidays & Training Camps - rider on the road to Cap Formentor MallorcaMake your cycling resolutions/goals achievable


1 - Develop a New Cycling Technique

Once you’re back on the saddle it is a good idea to develop a new cycling technique. We’ve written about several so take a look at:

The techniques we feature are used by the pros. If you can develop one you’ll be a better cyclist. Discover all of our cycling techniques.

2 - Perfect Your Nutrition

Nutrition for distance rides is essential. How much food and fluid you need is individual to you. Experiment as you start endurance rides by carrying some energy bars or a small bread roll. Take small quantities and you'll soon discover how much you need to consume to fuel your rides.  This nutritional knowledge puts you in a much better position to ride a sportive such as the Mallorca 312.

Get guidance from these posts:

3 - Ride an Extra 10 kms per Week

If you can try and ride an extra 10 kms per week. This can be used to implement a new cycling technique or a leisurely ride to the shops. Most of all you’ll get to be in your favourite place; on two wheels!

4 - Join a Cycling Club

Cycling clubs are great in several ways. You’ll improve your cycling by learning from others and attending club rides. They also give you the motivation to ride as it is harder to succumb to laziness when you’ve arranged to ride with others, and they are great for making friends and building camaraderie.

The better clubs have natural leaders and structure the rides around the abilities of their members. You may need to try a few clubs before you find a natural fit.

SportActive Cycling holidays & Training Camps - a SportActive rider cycling Mont VentouxYou'll build confidence as you achieve your goals.


5 - Try a New Cycling Route a Month

If you’re a seasoned rider you’ve probably worked out some great routes. Nonetheless, it is always good just to take a road and see where it leads. It might not be great for cycling, but it might just offer a gem of a ride. See our article for finding good local cycling routes.

6 - Structure Your Time

Exercise habit and planning your time for any kind of exercise is essential if you want to improve. As such, set a target plan for how much time you can spend on the saddle for the next four weeks ahead. When you reach the fourth week plan out another four.

Having this information gives you a realistic idea of how much cycling you can pack in on a week by week basis and as such, use your time more effectively.

As well all of this you can better plan your life.

7 - Give Your Bike a Service

A new cycling season demands a bike operating at its best. Getting your bike serviced at least once a year is essential for safety and confidence, as breakdowns on a ride considerably spoils the day and interrupts your time on the bike.

If you only get your bike professionally serviced once a year, it will keep it on the road for many years.

8 - Make an Upgrade

Pro cycling works on marginal gains. If you have a bike that is a few grammes lighter than the bike next to it, with the same rider it will go that little bit faster. A lot of these marginal gains are created by using lighter more efficient components.

As well as making your bike lighter and faster, you can make you lighter and faster by upgrading what you wear.

9 - Ride in Mallorca

If you only ride the smooth roads of Mallorca once you’ll benefit from great cycling temperatures, being around lots of like minded people, and riding smooth roads and challenging climbs. A Mallorca cycling holiday will inspire you to reach new levels and get more enjoyment from the sport.

Whatever kind of cycling you do, enjoy it!

Submitted: 11/1/22

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