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Did you Discover Cycling in the Covid-19 Lockdown? Here’s Some Advice

Although the lockdown was hard, it did bring opportunities. You may have had a chance to take up a hobby that you had been meaning to explore for some time. If that activity was cycling, you’re in luck. We have some advice for you to keep you motivated to ride and enjoying the benefits of cycling and leading a healthier lifestyle.

With this in mind, here's some pro cycling tips for new cyclists that discovered how fantastic it is to ride mile after mile over the last few months.

beginners-cycling-sportactiveBecome a better cyclist than you ever thought possible!

Keep Motivated

Motivation is key for a successful cycling career. You may not be aiming to compete against Chris Frome in the next Tour de France, but the desire to get on two wheels is important. As you progress and you ride longer distances in a shorter time you will feel a great sense of achievement after each ride. This will spur you on to get on the saddle and ride. Apps such as Strava help you to monitor your performance and record your personal bests. This too provides great motivation to ride and improve.

That said, as a new cyclist, you may well be making common mistakes. Eventually, without pro coaching advice, the chances are that you will hit a wall, and this can lower your morale. So let’s look at ways to improve your technique. Seeing your bike skills progress will feed your motivation.

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Core Strength

Like most sports to be a good cyclist, you need good core strength. Previously we published exercises to help you improve this aspect of your cycling, and you can read our post, ‘Improve your Core Strength for Better Cycling’ which provides easy to follow exercises to improve your core.

Good core strength helps to prevent injury and conditions such as osteoporosis. It enables you to maintain a good position for cycling, helping you to sprint and climb more effectively.
With a good core strength, you will adopt the correct cycling posture, which helps you become a better cyclist. Pro cyclists do core exercises every day.

sportactive cycle training in MallorcaRiding in Mallorca is the best way to learn, progress or train


As mentioned, there are common mistakes beginners tend to make. One of which is pedalling incorrectly. Here are some examples of common pedalling mistakes:

  • Freewheeling when descending – It is nice to take your foot off the gas and let gravity power your bike. There is one problem here, and that is the build-up of lactic acid in your legs. As you come out of the decline, the acid build-up makes your legs sluggish and heavy impairing your speed. The secret here is to keep your legs turning in the descent even if there is no pressure under your pedals. This avoids the build-up of acid so as you start pedalling again you don’t feel sluggish and you don’t lose speed or momentum. If the descent is particularly fast or on a dangerous road, then freewheel and keep your hands ready to apply the brakes. Always take a safety-first approach when cycling.
  • Undulating roads – If you cycle quiet roads as you should you will notice many roads are not flat but undulating. The secret to optimising your performance is to go as fast as you can on the declines. The extra momentum will see you climb the ascents using less energy allowing you to ride further and faster.

Try Not to Rock in the Saddle

The correct cycling posture is to keep as still as possible in the saddle. This posture avoids injury and maximises your energy levels. Rocking as you ride is an easy habit to get into and a common mistake. If you have a well-developed core, your obliques and lateral glute muscles will keep you still in the saddle.

Also, watch your shoulders. Rocking them does not help in any way but just burns energy. Each unnecessary muscle movement burns energy that should be going into your legs. Your performance on long rides, in particular, will be adversely affected and you may find you suffer burnout before you finish.

The Benefits of a Cycling Training Camp..., for Beginner Cyclists

If you feel you have hit a wall in your cycling a good training camp will help you break through it. Any common mistakes will be addressed as you’ll learn proper technique and pick up training tips through solid pro coaching advice.

Even if you haven’t hit a wall, pro coaching advice, peloton riding and having focused cycling for a week or two will empower you to ride further and faster. Our beginners cycling training camp will put you on the right road to success.
When you leave, you will have the cycling knowledge to ride further and faster and have a fulfilling cycling career.

But first of all, a beginner’s cycling holiday in Mallorca is a holiday and not a boot camp. It is great fun spending a week cycling in Mallorca enjoying the 25°C sun in October and spring. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is fantastic, and you'll get a chance to discover the culture and make new cycling friends. It is the perfect way to enjoy and embrace cycling. Discover our beginner’s cycling holiday now.

cycling beginners SportactiveImprove your cycling skills in the Mallorca sun!

 freeguide-cyclingDownload Your Free Cycling Guide

Submitted: 22/7/2020

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