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Cycling Safety essentials

 Cycling Safety essentials.

Being a road cyclist means there are a lot of dangers surrounding you, and when cycling you are one of the most vunerable road users. Therefore every piece of safety equipment reduces this danger. Below are some of the quickest and most simple ways of improving your safety on the road.

Helmet - Cycling Safety Essentials - SportActive

Helmet - This is the single most important safety item for you as a cyclist.

  • The helmet should be properly fitted in terms of width and sizing, the helmet should sit level on top of your head and not at the back.
  • There should be no movement when you tilt your head. Once the helmet is strapped and ready to wear you should not be able to insert more than one finger between the strap and the throat. 



 - This is something which all cyclists should be wearing when cycling on the roads. They will protect you from any debris which will be thrown up by the cars as they pass.

 Glasses - Cycling Safety Essentials - SportActive

  • There is alot of grit and dirt on the roads, especially if the roads are wet so glasses are a necessity. 
  • Unless it is a bright sunny day, it is recommended that you do not wear sun glasses. As in normal conditions these will actually reduce your visability.


Bicycle mirror - Cycling Safety Essentials - SportActive

Mirror - This is a very important safety item which a lot of people do not use, one of the biggest dangers to cyclists is from over taking cars.

  • By having a mirror fitted to your bike this will allow you to see approaching cars and be prepared for them rather than being startled.



Bell - A very important feature on your bicycle.

  • A bell will allow you to alert others to your presence.


IPod/Music players - These should be avoided at all time when cycling, they have an adverse effect on both your concentration as well as your awareness. They remove your ability to hear any potential dangers approaching.

 No mp3 players - Cycling Safety Essentials - SportActive

We wish you safe and enjoyable cycling.


by Martin Birney 10/11/2013




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