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Mallorca Cycling! Book your 2019 Cycling Break ! Ride your Heart Out

Your 2019 Mallorca Cycling Season 

From 16/2 to 11/5 and from 21/9 to 2/11/2019

Ride with the ‘King of the Classics’ Sean Kelly - 196 Pro Victories


SportActive Cycling holiday Mallorca: View on Cap de Formentor

Our 2019 dates are live! Book your Mallorca cycling holiday today. The roads are waiting to be ridden and are just as smooth and Mallorca is just as beautiful as they were last year.  Come and enjoy perfect temperatures, perfect roads, camaraderie, and SportActive magic!

Beginning in February our cycling holidays and training camps are perfect to help you get even better at cycling. Come in April or October and you can ride with the ‘King of the Classics’, Sean Kelly. One of cycling’s greats.

Book before 30/10/2018 to claim your Early Bird Discount to claim your Early Bird Discount and ride your fantastic cycling holiday for less.

Mallorca Cycling Holidays 2019:

Here is an overview of our Mallorca Cycling holidays:

Special Early Season Training Camps: 16/02/2019 – 16/03/2019. Four weeks to kick start your season with structured training rides designed to build your base miles and fitness. Pro peloton teams are doing exactly the same at this time of year. Take advantage of our inclusive hire bike deal.

Mallorca Cycling Training Camp16/03/2019 – 11/05/2019 – Improve your cycling with structured rides and receive pro coaching advice from Martin and Derek, our experienced pro cycling expert coaches. Mallorca’s perfect roads offer climbing and descending challenges. Cycle further and faster in a cycling paradise.

Mallorca Leisure Cycling Holiday: 30/03/2019 – 11/05/2019 –  If you want a better suntan rather than an improved time on Strava, SportActive’s Mallorca leisure cycling holiday is for you. Our guided rides take you to the best parts of the island which is steeped in beauty and blessed with vibrant markets and cafes. Experience Mallorca’s culture riding in the sun.

Mallorca Cycling for Beginners30/03/2019 – 11/05/2019 –  New to cycling? Want to get better? There is no better place to reach a new cycling level than riding with us in Mallorca. Our structured group riding system ensures you are riding with similar level cyclists. You improve at your pace in a safe stress-free environment, and you can enjoy everything Mallorca has to offer.

Mallorca 312 Sportive10th edition, Sat 27th April 2019. Cycle the longest amateur sportive in Europe and ride in a peloton of thousands.  Perfect training for the climbing intense Marmotte sportives in France(July & Aug. 2019), or ride it stand alone. Early Bird deadline 30/9/2018.

October Summer Cycling: 21/09/2019 – 02/11/2019 – This is the perfect winter escape as temperatures are still ideal for cycling. October Summer Cycling is excellent for training, leisure, and beginner cycling and The Legend Sean Kelly rides for two weeks in October. This holiday is the perfect end to your cycling season and a great winter escape.

Exclusive Services

Our exclusive services are designed tol help you achieve more in cycling.  So book now.  Like last year you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and eager to improve your cycling putting your new skills into practice.

Book Now

Click here and book your 2019 Cycling Holiday. Don't miss your Early Bird Discount! Before 30th Sept 2018 for the M312. Before 30th Oct 2018 for the other holidays.

Have questions, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Martin on 0044/ (0)28 71 36 5997

One of our first time riders commented: “The whole set up was top class. The bikes, hotel, food and an inspirational group of people of all ages and abilities. There were five different groups graded according to ability and I was in group three. This allowed me to cycle within myself and still be able to savour this absolutely stunning island.”

Be part of the SportActive peloton in 2019

2018 Mallorca October Cycling Holidays: there are still a few places available for cycling in the summer sun. Book your week quickly before  it sells out! 

Submitted on 26/8/18

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