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Home Trainer Program - week 5 - Power Meter Based

This is our week 5 home trainer program and also the last as everybody in Europe should be out of confinement by the end of this week. Some countries have already started their de-confinement (Germany, Italy, Spain), although in some areas of Germany they had to tighten it again as too many new cases were registered (which tells the importance of the social distancing and other protection measures). France will start the de-confinement on Monday 11th May 2020.

We have already worked through a four week's program:

  • Week 1 was endurance training after having determined your FTP
  • Week 2 we did intense threshold training
  • Week 3 was with intense anaerobic VO2 Max workouts
  • Week 4, after two very intense weeks was a recovery week with endurance training in order to anchor the benefits of the previous hard workouts.

And week 5 will be High Intensity Intervals.
What are the benefits of High Intensity intervals? It improves your ability to attack and sustain an effort.

Before starting this week's training, you have to re-establish your FTP. If the previous weeks' workouts have been done seriously, (even last week's recovery!), your FTP should have increased.
(Please click the link to see how to determine your FTP with the 20-Minute FTP Test).
Week 5 training should be based on your new FTP figure.

Examples of power based workouts based on your FTP

High Intensity Intervals: 2-2.3 hours

Do 5 to 8 efforts.

Warm up 20 min @ 60% FTP
1st effort:
Start with a 30sec sprint of which 15sec out of the saddle, average watts 200% FTP, pushing up to a max 300% FTP.
3min at 100% FTP finish with a 10 sec sprint
Recover 6 min @ 60% FTP (between sets)

Cool down 20 min @ 60% FTP after completing the chosen number of efforts.

Active Recovery: 1.0 to 1.30 hours

Warm up 15 min @48-51% of FTP
30min to 1 hour @62% of FTP Cadence 90-95 rpm
Cool down 15 min @ 48% of FTP

Week's format:

  • day 1: FTP test
  • day 2: active recovery
  • day 3: High Intensity Intervals
  • day 4: active recovery
  • day 5: High Intensity Intervals
  • day 6: active recovery
  • day7: High Intensity Intervals

The High Intensity Intervals can be done 4 times per week max if  you do a recovery day in between each training.

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Submitted: 11/05/2020

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