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Home Trainer Program - week 3 - Power Meter Based

Confinement keeps going and we have reached week 3 of our home trainer workouts. We did endurance in week 1, threshold training in week 2 and shall do anaerobic VO2 work this week.

As a reminder, the training sessions of this page are based on Power. For this you need to know your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and your VO2 Max. 

In week 1 we explained how to measure your FTP. Click the link to learn how to measure your FTP.

Week 3: Anaerobic VO2 Max

Anaerobic exercise is any activity that breaks down glucose for energy without using oxygen. Anaerobic exercise can only use glucose for fuel.

Generally, these activities are of short length with high intensity. The idea is that a lot of energy is released within a small period of time, and the oxygen demand surpasses the oxygen supply. Exercises that require short bursts of intense energy are examples of anaerobic exercises.

Anaerobic exercise benefits:

  • Builds muscle mass
  • Boosts your VO2 Max
  • Enhances your energy
  • Brings down your blood sugar

VO2 Max is defined as the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can take in, deliver, and use in one minute. It is limited both by the amount of oxygenated blood the lungs and circulatory system can process, and by the amount of oxygen the muscles can extract from the blood.

Perform anaerobic exercise workouts no more than two or three days per week, always allowing for at least one full day of recovery in-between.

 Complete the below workout 2 or 3 times per week.

The efforts of 40sec are max efforts and not based on heart rate or power.
You can evaluate the data of the efforts when you analyse the workout and see if you are consistent with the efforts.

Anaerobic VO2   -  1.30 hr training

Do not drink during the work efforts. Drink in the recovery time.

  • Warm up 20min easy pedalling @80 rpm
  • First effort series:
    6 x 40 sec @ 95% of your VO2 Max
    Recovery between efforts 20sec / 50% of your VO2 Max

  • Recovery after first workout: 8min easy pedalling @80 rpm

  • Second effort series:
    6 x 40 sec @ 95% of your VO2 Max
    Recovery between efforts 20sec / 50% of your VO2 Max

  • Cool down 15min easy pedalling @80 rpm

Before beginning any exercise program or changing your physical activity patterns, you should always consult with your doctor or physician.

Active Recovery: 1.0 to 1.30 hours

  • Warm up 15 min @48-51% of FTP
  • 30min to 1 hour @62% of FTP Cadence 90-95 rpm
  • Cool down 15 min @ 48% of FTP


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Submitted: 18/04/2020

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