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Geneva to Nice 2018 – Stage 2 – Albertville to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne 80 kms

Stage 2 of Geneva Nice saw our riders take on Col de la Madeleine.  A Tour de France, hors catégorie climb.  For many of our riders this was the first time they climbed a col of this intensitiy. 

Geneva to Nice cycle with SportActive : col de la Madeleine to be climbed todaySportActive Riders Climbing Col de la Madeleine 25.3 kms, 9 and 10% gradients, 1924m alt.


Nonetheless, our riders were in good spirits.  Take a look at the interviews where everyone is nervous and excited.  Such is the brilliance of riding the French Alps!

You can see our riders in action as they take on this Tour de France climb:


The feeling of achievement cannot be overstated.  This is summed up nicely when we interviewed Willie and Kirsty Stephen from Velo Club.


After the Col de la Madeleine the riders took on the majestic Les Lacets de Montvernier or the 'Shoelaces of Montvernier'.  Here, the 18 hairpin bends come at you thick and fast with only a kilometre inbetween each one.  Bray Wheelers' John McDermott explains how amazing it is to ride Montvernier.


A fantastic ride by all our riders.  An amazing cycling experience in The French Alps

Learn about Geneva to Nice here

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