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Geneva to Nice 2018 – Stage 1 – Geneva to Albertville 96 kms

Geneva Nice 2018 has begun! The first climb Col des Aravis (1486 m), average gradient 5.7%, offered our riders a taste of what French Alp cycling is about. They were looking and feeling confident before the climb and all did well on the ride. 

G2NStage1The SportActive Team ready to ride 'La Routes des Grandes Alpes'

You can see Seamus from Orwell Wheelers talk about his approach to climbing Tour de France cols.

This is the start of the epic ‘La Route des Grandes Alpes’ cycling adventure, a truly fantastic journey that over a week will see them ride 550 kms, and climb 10,800m until they arrive in Nice and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. 

 Along the way our riders will experience:

  • Tour de France cols
  • Climbing challenges
  • High altitude riding
  • Breathtaking views
  • The beauty of The Frenh Alps
  • Feel exhilerated at their achievements

Follow their experiences as they make their way across The French Alps! 


The SportActive Team talk about the first climb and the challenges involved



Learn about Geneva to Nice here

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