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Fuelling on Your Bike Ride: Excellent Mallorca Coffee Stops

Mallorca, the cycling mecca of the Mediterranean, offers road cyclists an unrivalled experience with its stunning landscapes, challenging climbs, and smooth coastal roads. While exploring the island's scenic routes, it's essential to refuel and recharge at some of the best coffee stops along the way.

At SportActive we know a thing or two about Mallorca's top coffee spots that are specifically tailored to the needs of road cyclists. So let’s take a deep dive at where you’re likely to be refuelling next time you ride with SportActive.

Tolo’s, Port de Pollença

SportActive cyclists enjoying a great lunch at TolosWhen you cycle with SportActive you could well find you're having lunch at Tolo's, Port de Pollença

If you’ve ever watched our interview videos you can’t fail to notice many are at the Tolo’s lunch stop in Pollença. Its beach view location and indoor and outdoor dining facilities make this a popular refuelling stop for any cyclist.

Given its coastal and marina location it is no surprise that it prides itself on its seafood offerings and other Spanish dishes are well received.

The inside of the restaurant is like a shrine to cycling, with memorabilia of the sport’s great moments adorning the walls.

Tolo’s has the advantage that from our Alcúdia base, it is easily reachable, so regardless of which cycling group you are with, the chances are that sooner or later you’ll be appreciating Tolo’s food.

It also makes for a great route into the Tramuntana Mountain Range.

Cocodrilo, Bonaire

With views of the Badia de Pollença (Bay of Pollença) the Cocodrilo, Bonaire is a popular refuelling point among cyclists and is a very popular lunch stop too. It is well known for its traditional Spanish dishes and seafood.

Inside you’ll find traditional dark wood tasteful décor and a welcoming vibe. Many like to sit outside and lap up the sunshine and the marina sea view while sipping on some exquisite coffee or enjoy a delicious lunch.

Given the Bay of Pollença is a famous ride on the island, it is a perfect place to stop before embarking on the next epic part of your cycle tour.

Coll de Sa Bataia

SportActive Cyclists at the Coll de Sa Bataia lunch stop MallorcaSportActive cyclists enjoying a great coffee at Coll de sa Bataia

Climb to the summit of Coll de sa Batalla and you’ll be greeted by the welcoming site of Call de Sa Bataia. It is the perfect place to stop and refuel as from here you can climb the famous Sa Calobra or Puig Major the most reachable point on the island.

The café offers a good range of cuisine and coffee, and its location couldn’t be more perfect for an epic cycling adventure to two of the most iconic locations Mallorca has to offer.

Ca’n Topa, Coll de Sóller

It is not unusual to find places of exquisite charm in Mallorca especially when you get into the more rural areas. A good example of this is the converted old farmhouse which is the Ca’n Topa café. Serving pizza, traditional Spanish food, and great coffee, it is the perfect place to refuel after ascending Coll de Sóller.

What makes this stop more appealing is that it is part of the Puig Major loop and many other popular Mallorca cycling routes.

Bar Deportiu, Fornalutx

The quaint village of Fornalutx which you may encounter on an alternative route to the summit of Puig Major is a great example of the many beautiful locations Mallorca offers. The traditional buildings are nestled among lush green vegetation and olive trees.

As it is just off the Ma-10 it is also home to several cafes that are ideal if you want a refuelling point before heading off on another epic cycling adventure.

One of these is Bar Deportiu which is arguably more of a restaurant, but you will find it has a good selection of lunch offerings and great coffee, the fuel of the road cyclist.

Mallorca's road cycling scene is enriched by its vibrant coffee culture, and these top coffee stops in the island's various regions offer road cyclists an exceptional experience.

Cycling and coffee go hand in hand, and these carefully selected coffee stops ensure that you have the perfect blend to enhance your Mallorca cycling adventure. So the next time you cycle with SportActive on this picturesque island, you'll no doubt be sampling these fantastic coffee stops on your guided tour.

The best way to experience this side of Mallorca is to join us on our Mallorca cycling holidays. We cater to the leisure holiday cyclist or the more training focused competitive rider. Best of all, come at the right time and cycle with the Legend Sean Kelly who rides with everyone regardless of level.

Whichever kind of road cycling you want; you’ll have a fantastic fun time doing something you love on an island famed for its 'paradise for cycling' reputation.

Keep cycling!

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