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Cycle with Sean Kelly at SportActive

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Twenty Eight Countries, Three Continents, the Ultimate Cycling Challenge?

At SportActive we’re no stranger to intense cycling challenges. Taking on Tour de France and Vuelta cols and demanding sportives are something we at SportActive relish. Taking on twenty-eight countries across three continents is a challenge like no other.

And that’s what two young lads from Tipperary (Birthplace of Legend Sean Kelly) are taking on. As well as the cycling, they plan to run an ultramarathon in each country. They obviously don’t want to make it too easy! They started in Australia, and the objective is to ride to the Emerald Isle. Currently, they are in Cambodia. You can chart their progress here.

sportactive-charity-bike-ride-28-countriesDaithi and Paddy are taking on one of the biggest cycling challenges

So who are our two heroes? Find out by watching the video.

They plan to ride 64 kms per day. They estimate the journey will take between 12 – 18 months. Given they started in August 2019, they should be in Dublin around the end of 2020 or early 2021 if things go to plan.

Fund Raising

Paddy Flynn and Daithi Harrison are both 30 and from Waterford. They are taking on the project to help others, principally the MRF Crumlin and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. Two worthy causes for sure.
Daithi Harrison said, “One of the reasons we decided to take on the challenge was to raise vital money for two amazing charities – CMRF Crumlin and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

“We are really looking forward to learning about the cultures and histories of all the countries we’re visiting. It’ll be an exploration of the mind and a journey of the soul. We both believe that it’s our duty to be of service to the generation that follow us, especially to those who need it most.” Said Daithi.

Talking to the press, Paddy said, “It’s really cool to think that we could be making a difference not only to the children in Australia and Ireland, but also to our local towns, and our local counties, Tipperary and Waterford, bringing excitement and inspiring people from all walks of life.

“We decided to raise money for CMRF and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation because they do wonderful work for sick children in Ireland and Australia, and making the journey from Sydney to Crumlin will be a way of not only helping both charities but also marking a link between the two.”

The two men said that they’re excited about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and really want to make the most of it. Both charities do invaluable work to help children.

Amazing Challenge

The amazing ride will see them hit Europe, where they will no doubt cycle through Spain and France. They may well cross some of the cols we often ride in Geneva to Nice, Marmotte Alps, and Marmotte Pyrenees. It will be interesting to see which route they take.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the challenge, you can visit their website. You can donate by clicking here

If you’re on Instagram, give the two guys a follow and see their adventure unfold. 

Submitted date: 27/10/19

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