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Cycle with Sean Kelly at SportActive

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Structured Turbo Training & Lessons from a Legend

Structured turbo training in the present environment with restrictions on outdoor movements can give you positive health and fitness benefits.

The environment in which you have your turbo trainer located is very important and will add to a positive mental attitude of the training: a room with circulating air and bright atmosphere and a nice cooling fan with your drink and towel easy accessible.

Watching TV or listening to music can be a stimulus or enhancement when doing the exercise for some people. It all depends on the type of workout you are doing as some sessions require full concentration.

We at SportActive have put together training programs designed to improve most of the aspects of your cycling.

Naturally, people have many different levels of fitness. Please chose the level of training from the programs designed that suits your own level and don’t hesitate, if necessary, to adapt the duration, the repetitions or the strength of certain exercises.

Always make sure you work at a level that you can sustain.

When you finish your training session have a positive thought about the exercise you just completed.

Find below the links to the different training programs:

Martin’s Power Meter Based Training

Flora’s Softer Program based on cadence & the feeling of the gears

We’re adding a new program every week so keep checking back for your next training schedules.

How the Legend Sean Kelly Keeps in Shape During Lockdown

An extract from Sean Kelly’s interview with Stickybottle on 13th April 2020 or you can download the article here in PDF format:

“Kelly himself says he is keeping fit in lock-down; sticking to a short off-road loop close to home for his cycling and doing some running.

He says those cyclists who need to top-up lower intensity general fitness training with higher intensity efforts can add in the turbo trainer.

But he believes cyclists can train outside, once they are staying within 2km of home, despite the lock-down and can use that limited opportunity to keep themselves ticking over.

While Kelly said he is not training to race, he is still in great condition; maintaining his fitness even when on long Eurosport commentating trips abroad and also leading SportActive cycling holidays in Mallorca.”

In Summary:

  • Use your lockdown hour to ride as much as you can.
  • Consider running to break up your exercise hour a bit. The variation will maintain your interest and keep you motivated to train.
  • Follow Martin's program if you are trying to maintain a competitive condition.

What our Riders Think

"Thank you so much Martin and Flora for those wonderful turbo exercises. I live in Ireland and those over 70' are not allowed to go out at all and as I am in that age group I can only use my turbo trainer so I am very grateful to you both.. These restrictions are on for last 2wks and are being extended until at least the end of April I believe, so these exercises are life savers. Many many Thanks again and may I wish you both a very happy and healthy Easter. I will send this on to my co cyclists. Regards Michael Flynn" (from Ireland, 10/04/2020)

"Thanks Flora, really appreciate indoor workouts. I passed them on. Some think it will take more than Coronavirus to escape Martin’s training programs! I hope you are well and we see ye later in the year. Regards Joe (from Ireland, 8/4/2020)"

"Hi Flora, Thank you for your most welcome letter and great to hear that you are all safe and well.
It’s so strange not being able to just go out and enjoy life as we always did. I think we will appreciate life, our health and our freedom so much more after this Coronavirus.
Thank you also for the training programme, much appreciated. I feel lucky to have the indoor bike set up right now so I’m actually enjoying it. Oh and by the way, great photo, ideal spot for training.
Say hello to all for us and hopefully we will see you all in the future.Take care. Regards Maggie & Ken (from Australia, 8/4/2020)"

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Keep cycling.
Make the decision not to get infected by the virus and act accordingly…

Submitted: 25/4/20
Updated: 10/5/20


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