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SportActive Cycling in Mallorca and Coronavirus

Dear Friends of SportActive,

Everyone at SportActive hopes you and your loved ones are well.

As you are no doubt aware, Spain is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This has affected our Mallorca Cycling holidays in the spring season. Affected customers have been contacted about their holiday, and we have discussed available options.

The SportActive Team is virus-free and returned home from Mallorca on 16th March. Hopefully, we'll see you all from mid-April in Mallorca, for the French cycling holidays and challenges starting end of May, and of course, Mallorca Cycling in September and October.

SportActive Team: Sean Kelly with William and MartinThe SportActive Team hopes you and your family are well

Difficult Times but Remain Upbeat

With difficult times ahead, it is important to keep our spirits up until the lockdown is over and the disruption is a distant memory. Remember, even if your country is on lockdown, you should still be able to get a permit and get some time on two wheels.

If you can’t, however, now is an excellent time to break out the indoor trainer and introduce some exercise techniques into your day. Keep focused on better things and keep cycling focused. This situation will not last forever.

With this in mind, try the following:

It is also a good time to brush up on your nutritional knowledge. What we eat is connected to how well we cycle. The following posts will help you get in the groove. Check out:

You can find all our training tips and blogs here.

We hope that you can maintain your spirts at this time. Don’t forget, we update our social media accounts daily, and we will publish updates to bring a smile to your lips as well as our usual cycling tips and holidays.

Look out for your Turbo Training Help Program!

We are also preparing a free Turbo Training Help Program. Not only will this help you maintain condition, it will help you make your indoor training fun and pleasant. Look out for it in our blog post or subscribe to our newsletter to receive the information!

Stay strong, and we'll soon be riding in Mallorca and French pelotons again.

Keep smiling,

The SportActive Team.

Submitted: 20/03/2020

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