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Mallorca’s Top 5 Climbs

Mallorca is the feature-packed Spanish Balearic island where pro peloton teams train in the off-season. It has iconic routes that every cyclist has ridden or dreamed about riding. With this in mind, let’s look at the island’s top five climbs.

SportActive cyclists including Legend Sean Kelly photographed at the Sa Calobra summit, Mallorca. Coll Dels Reis in Spanish 800x367 Sa Calobra (Coll dels Reis). SportActive Team Summit Success with The Legend Sean Kelly. 

Sa Calobra

Requiring little in the way of introduction, Sa Calobra is the famous 26 hairpin bend climb that arguably became immortalised when it transpired Bradly Wiggins trained on it prior to Tour de France and Olympic Glory.

The climb is not just a switchback fest. It is quite unique in that to reach the start, you cycle down it first, swing round and cycle back up to the top. It is a cycling fan favourite and Mallorca’s number one climb.

  • Distance 13.7 Kms
  • Average Gradient 6%
  • Elevation Gain 818m

The Legend Sean Kelly and SportActive Team climbing Sa Calobra Mallorca SportActive Team riding Sa Calobra with The Legend Sean Kelly 

Coll de Sa Batalla

This climb is arguably the gateway to the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain Range in Mallorca. Approached from Alcudia, Batalla offers enjoyable hairpins and a rideable gradient. Don’t forget to check out the exquisite café at the top.
Over coffee, you can decide whether to take on Sa Calobra or Puig Major. Decisions decisions!

  • Distance 7.8 kms
  • Average Gradient 6%
  • Elevation Gain 381m

SportActive Team Mallorca PelotonAlfonso, SportActive ride leader, guiding the team to success. Coll de Sa Batalla near the top

Coll de Femenia

If you want an alternative challenge to Batalla to enter the Tramuntana Mountain Range, this is it. The steady climb will give your legs a good warm-up before you reach the mountains and many cyclists use this climb when approaching from Pollença.

  • Distance 7.6 kms
  • Average Gradient 6%
  • Elevation Gain 419m

Coll Femenia Mallorca landscape view Coll Femenia is a good route to reach the Tramuntana Mountain Range.

Coll de Soller (North)

The north side of Soller is far more challenging and exciting than approaching the mountain from the south. The north climb has a subdued 3 kms then the 50+ hairpins hit, and the views become spectacular.

Soller engages your senses and tests your riding skills. Although there are normally more riders than car drivers on the road, cyclists are descending as well as ascending, so you need to stay vigilant to avoid collision.

  • Distance 7.3 kms
  • Average Gradient 6%
  • Elevation Gain 491m

SportActive Team successfully reaching the summit of Coll de Soller with cycling Legend Sean Kelly The SportActive Team at the summit of Coll de Soller with Legend Sean Kelly

Puig Major

The view from Puig Major, MallorcaPuig Major, Mallorca. The longest climb on the island.

Last but not least, we have Puig Major, the highest ridable point in Mallorca. Second only to Sa Calobra in terms of popularity, at 14 kms the climb is the longest you can undertake in Mallorca. Most take the north side route beginning from the village of Soller, and from here, the steady gradient takes you to the Monnaber Tunnel.

When you reach the top, not only is it an excellent place for a selfie and a time to reflect on your achievement, but you can’t fail to notice another road taking you even higher. This road is inaccessible to the public, however, as it is part of a military base.

When riding Puig Major, you can stop for a coffee break of fill water bottles at the village of Fornalutx if you don’t mind a small detour at the start of the climb.

  • Distance 13.9 kms
  • Average Gradient 6%
  • Elevation Gain 818m

And as a Bonus…Cap Formentor

Although technically it is not a climb, the route from Pollenca to the ‘Meeting Point of the Winds’, Cap Formentor, features close to 900m of climbing taking in Coll de la Creueta. It is Mallorca’s most northern point, and from the lighthouse, you have spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the peninsula!

SportActive Cyclists Riding from Cap FormentorCap Formentor involves close to 900m of climbing!

Every climb in Mallorca is interesting and unique. Few places in the world can offer the variety of terrain and scenic views. As soon as you can, come to Mallorca and ride your heart out. You won’t regret it.

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