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8 Reasons to Embrace the Mallorca Cycling Experience

Head 200 kms east of the Spanish coast and you’ll come to the enigmatic and beautiful island of Mallorca. It is part of the Balaerics and is nestled in the Mediterranean Sea and has the climate to match. Over the last few decades, it has become legendary in cycling and it is used by pro peloton teams and amateur cyclists looking to improve, together with leisure cyclists who just want to ride, enjoy, and explore.

Riding in Mallorca is arguably the best cycling experience thanks to its perfect climate, undulating roads, and challenging but not too challenging climbs. With this in mind, let’s look at why Mallorca known as a ‘paradise for cyclists’ is such a great place to ride a bike.

SportActive Cycling Holidays and Training Camps - Cyclist Riding from Cap FormentorMallorca's smooth undulating roads, and challenging climbs make it hugely appealing to cyclists

1 Easy to Reach

Mallorca is less than three hours by plane from Ireland and the UK and has its own airport. If coming from outside of Europe, it is easy to get connecting flights from Europe’s main airports making Mallorca an easy to reach destination.

2 Mallorca Cycling Routes

There are plenty of amazing Mallorca cycling routes to pursue. It is recommended to ride with a Mallorca cycling holiday provider as professionally run training camps will look after you from the moment you arrive and cater to all levels and abilities. They will have professional guides that can show you some of the best places to ride on the island. Sa Calobra, Puig Major, and Cap Formentor for example are considered to be epic rides, especially from a training perspective.


3 Ideal for Training and Leisure Cycling

Mallorca’s quiet undulating roads are perfect for exploring by bike. Whether you want to train and improve or simply visit quaint towns and villages, Mallorca has all of this in abundance. This is why many Mallorca cycling training camps are established on the Balearic island. Following in the tyre tracks of the pros, the established structured providers operate endurance based training camps in the winter together with training camps in the spring and autumn.

Mallorca cycling holidays are great if you want more leisurely rides to picture postcard towns and villages. Here, you can sample Mallorca’s culture and get to know the place. When not cycling many head for one of the island’s beaches, or the historic towns of Alcudia, Palma, or Pollenca.

Mallorca has history in abundance and plenty of monuments to the past.

4 The Tramuntana Mountain Range

SportActive Cycling holidays and training camps - Sean Kelly and the SportActive Team at the summit of Puig MajorSean Kelly with the SportActive team at the summit of Puig Major part of the Tramuntana Mountain Range

Many come for the Mallorca cycling routes that involve the amazing Tramuntana Mountain Range. UNESCO protected, it hosts Mallorca’s best climbs. Many cycling training camps take riders across it to ride Puig Major, Sa Calobra, Coll d’Honor to name but three. Along most routes cycling friendly cafes can be found for refuelling with many featuring memorabilia from cycling heroes of the past.

The mountain range features in one of Mallorca’s great cycling events and Europe’s longest amateur sportive, the Mallorca 312. Every year around 8,000 cyclists ride in the event and it is considered to be one of the best amateur sportives in the world.

SportActive Cycling Holidays and Training Camps - Cyclists crossing the finishing line of the Mallorca 312 The Mallorca 312 features the Tramuntana Mountain Range regardless of distance ridden

5 Climate

Outside of the summer months, Mallorca’s Mediterranean location makes it perfect to ride a bike. Temperatures hover around 26°C in spring and autumn and only a few degrees less in the winter months. Summer tends to get hot and a different type of tourist emerges although you can still see plenty of cyclists across the island in June, July, and August.

Mallorca is well known for having 300 days sunshine a year.

6 Used by Legends

The island is used by pro peloton teams so it is not uncommon to see the best in the world going through their drills in the winter months. It is also frequented by the one and only Sean Kelly, one of the best cyclists ever to ride a bike. The Mallorca 312 is always ridden by at least one cycling legend, so it is only a matter of time before you find yourself riding a bike with one of the greats of the sport.



7 Camaraderie

Many that attend a cycling training or holiday camp always comment on how well the group bonds. This is one of the reasons solo riders use holiday and training camps rather than organise the trip. Everything is done for you, and the bonds that form tend to last. Natural competition forms as different cyclists encounter one another for the first time, which keeps everything fresh as you try and turn the pedals a bit faster than your newfound friend and competitor.

8 Motivation

Mallorca will motivate you to ride even when you get back home. Your Mallorca cycling experience will motivate you to get on the saddle as the experience never leaves you. You’ll find you want to improve, embrace challenges, and achieve personal bests.


Your Mallorca Cycling Holiday Experience

To get the most from your cycling there is no better way than to book a fantastic SportActive Cycling holiday. With pro coaches and ride leaders, you’ll improve all aspects of your cycling riding in the sun, or you’ll discover quaint towns and villages on leisure rides where you’ll never be stretched too far.

Perhaps best of all come at the right time and meet and ride with the Legend Sean Kelly.

Have the best cycling holiday you can imagine with SportActive.

Faster, Fitter, Stronger



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